Suriname: “Worrying situation in gold mine at Tapoeripa”

PARAMARIBO – Since Thursday a very worrying unsafe situation has occurred in a gold mine in the Tapoeripa area in Brokopondo where a mining company has apparently run into a rich gold vein. In view of the way residents of the environment and others behave around excavators, according to some, it is a matter of time before killing or serious accidents occur.

Two films that circulate on social media show how dozens of mainly young men throw themselves around the excavators in the loosened earth and mud pool, filling bags of ore in hopes of being able to extract gold later on. The concessionaire would have encountered a rich gold vein, which made people like bees on syrup come out to get a piece of corn.

Wendell Asadang (NDP) of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources says to the True Time that he has made contact with the Minister of Natural Resources about this situation. A meeting with the minister and the parties involved did not take place last week because Minister Regilio Dodson had to be present at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

“I had contact with him on Saturday to urgently convene a meeting in order to find a solution”, says Asadang. This meeting can take place “every moment” this week. “I also spoke with the guys from Tapoeripakreek and what they ask for is security to prevent what you could see from that footage”, continues the assembly member.

The entrepreneurs involved in the Tapoeripa area would have proposed approaching a professional mining company to take over the mine. This would mean that no one would go digging in the ‘pit’ any more. As a result, the peace and tensions that have arisen will disappear.


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