St.Vincent & Grenadines: “Greiggs Heritage Festival Attracts Large Crowd”

Another hosting Heritage Festival at the Greiggs Playing Field, indicates that the activity is fast becoming a staple for many Vincentians, who journey to that inland community to savour what is on offer.
Celebrated on National Heroes Day – March 14 –  annually, this year’s festival provided insight of the Garifuna life, as the host venue was transformed into a typical Garifuna Village, with the erection of nine huts, including a Cayo.
Persons attending got to sample much of the cuisine used by the Garifuna people, and got first -hand experience of some of the preparations.
In demand by most patrons were the madongo dumplings, the doucana and the cassava bread, commonly referred to as “bam- bam”.
Apart from the cuisine, it was evident that there was a cultural awareness, as many persons, from babies to the elderly, were attired in clothing which reflected the symbols of the Garifuna heritage.
Additionally, there were several cultural performances with aspects of the Garifuna influence very pronounced.
Buoyed by the patronage, Head of the Greiggs Garifuna Council John Nero acknowledged: “I am very pleased because every year we are improving on our presentation, and we have a motto that we should not be making elementary mistakes.”
Nero said that the festival continues to evolve from a simple honouring back in 1996, with exponential growth visible in the last five years.
He underscored the need not to rest on their laurels, but to evaluate each year’s effort, with a view to make the next year even better.
At last Wednesday’s Festival, the Council recognised Leon Morris, a pioneer in the transportation system in the Greiggs community.
Morris, though, was not on hand to accept his award.

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