Suriname: “Justice seeks entrepreneur in Saramacca drug case”

PARAMARIBO – On behalf of the Prosecutor General, the businessman Ramchander Oedit alias Radj is traced in connection with the investigation into the high-profile drug seizure in Saramacca. The 54-year-old entrepreneur and rice producer is registered with the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs at the Garnizoenspad 11. He is suspected of participating in a criminal organization and violation of the Narcotic Drug Act.

Oedit is the owner of the two plots in the Saramacca district where a semi-submersible was found earlier this month and a few days after that a Cessna plane with a cargo of cocaine by a mixed unit of the police, army and other security services was seized and confiscated. . The suspect, also director-owner of Ramasha radio and television, denied in an interview about the two things. He felt that he was wrongly regarded as a suspect.

The dWT editors learn that shortly after the discovery of the aircraft with more than 488 kilos of coke, Oedit probably went abroad and went into hiding. The party drugs were burned last Saturday under the supervision of a public prosecutor. During the interception of the plane and cocaine two Brazilians – the crew of the aircraft – and five Surinamese were arrested and put in insurance. During the confiscation of the submarine seven foreigners were arrested, including Colombians and Cubans.



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