Haiti: “Creation of a ‘wall of companies’ at the border to fight against illegal migration ?”

The Dominican Senator of Pedernales, Dioni Sánchez of the Party of the Dominican Liberation (PLD), the Party of the President Danilo Medina considers that the only thing which can prevent the Haitians to enter massively and remain illegally on the Dominican territory is the massive creation jobs in the border area and the tougher of the penalties against Dominicans employers hiring Haitians on irregular migratory situation.

“In order for the border issue to be solved, it is necessary to build ‘a wall of industries and companies’ all along the border because of the problems in Haiti, Haitians will not stop trying to enter the Dominican Republic, like Mexicans in the United States […] That’s why we have to work with businessmen and international organizations, to create a corridor of job-creating industries on both sides along the border, for both Dominicans and Haitians, so that everyone could stay at home without having to cross the border to look for work.”

He recalled that the Minister of Health, Altagracia Guzmán Marcelino, had recently resumed with the European Union, discussions about the project to build 5 hospitals in the border area and that it had affirmed that if the European Union ensured the construction of these infrastructures, the Dominican Republic was ready to fully equip them to reduce the demand pressure exerted by illegal Haitian migrants on the Dominican health sector “It is clear that Haiti must improve access to its services because it affects us and this measure goes hand in hand with the measure of migratory control,” declared Minister Marcelino

A position shared by Senator Sánchez “If we are to make hospitals on the Haitian side that they are made and we also build them schools, it will be cheaper for us and help solve the problem of illegal migrants on our territory.”



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