Suriname: “OM demands heavy punishment against drug suspects”

Public Prosecutor Nirmala Maikoe was not on Monday with her sentence against suspect Anandkoemar B .: fourteen years for involvement in cocaine smuggling, money laundering and possession of heavy firearms. An additional requirement is that the goods he presumably bought with drug money will be forfeited.

The frustration was clear from the face of the suspect after hearing the demand. To lawyer Irvin Kanhai the task to put forward arguments on 21 May that relieve his client. On February 2, 2013, the suspect would have smuggled 21.6 kilograms of cocaine with others, but denied it. He says that he was in the Netherlands from January to May 2013. He would have left Surinam via the Johan Adolf Pengel airport.

His alibi did not stand. His passport contains stamps from the immigration service of Albina and the French-Guyanese police on 7 February and it also appears that he traveled to France via Cayenne on that day. One of the people he worked with was arrested on 2 February with drugs. Anandkoemer B. was recognized by a witness who told the police that he had given her drugs to smuggle out of Suriname.

The police found liquid cocaine and packs of these drugs in powder form in an incursion at his home on the Doeffraat. But also for this the suspect had a statement. He had rented the house to someone about whom he could not provide any further information. However, only items from the ‘landlord’ have been found in the house.

Anandkoemar B. has been arrested with several heavy firearms, for which he had no license. He would have it from a friend from Albina, about whom he could not give detailed information. The suspect would have bought several cars and parcels with drugs money, but declared that they were paid from a legacy of his deceased father. But according to family members the father was poor and he lived from his aov.



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