Haiti: “Haiti – DR : Working session of the Bilateral Joint Commission”

The Haitian-Dominican Technical Secretariat of the Bilateral Mixed Commission (CMB), led by Frantz Jean-François, which ensures the interim since the transfer of Leon Charles Ambassador at the Permanent Mission of Haiti to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Executive Secretariat of the Joint Dominican-Haitian Commission led by Ambassador Roberto Martinez Villanueva organized a 2-day working session in Port-au-Prince (15-16 March) in the EDF National Authorizing Office.

To the program, the development of an action plan and a joint roadmap for the current year. During these two days, the two Secretariats discussed the themes :

  • Migration and borders ;
  • Trade and investments ;
  • Transport and Energy ;
  • Agriculture and Environment ;
  • Health ;
  • Security.

It should be recalled that the mandate of the Haitian part of the CMB is to conduct jointly with the Dominican part a regular review of the cooperation between the two countries and to recommend to the Governments of the two countries the measures to be adopted and implemented with a view to improve and strengthen bilateral cooperation, particularly in the areas of trade, agriculture, environment, education, culture, health, tourism, migration, sports, public security and human right


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