Trinidad: “MASSACRE-Man Hunt for Killer”

A MANHUNT was underway last night for a man believed responsible for the murders of four people among them a retired schoolteacher turned landlord; his female tenant; her teenaged daughter and the daughter’s school friend, also a teenager. The suspect struck up a relationship with the mother only a year ago.

Police found Michael Scott’s body outside his Sobo Village, La Brea house at about 10 pm on Tuesday. Inside the apartment on the ground floor, officers found the bodies of Abigail Chapman, 41, her daughter Olivia Chapman, 15, and Olivia’s schoolmate Michaela Mason, 14.

Autopsies yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James showed that both Scott and Abigail were beaten to death while the throat of both teens was slit. Abigail’s relatives told Newsday the suspect was obsessed with her and that last week Wednesday, he stormed the apartment and placed a knife to her throat. Abigail managed to escape.

Family members said Abigail was told to report the incident to the police, but senior police sources yesterday claimed no report had been made. Abigail, a teacher, was a mother of three who had just been transferred to the Southern Academy of Seventh Day Adventists at Palmiste Branch Road in September. She taught Spanish.

“She was always on the go, but she was always willing to help and do anything,” said a relative. Abigail and her daughter, Olivia, were both devout Seventh Day Adventists who were very active in their church. Olivia was also described as willing to do anything for family and friends.



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