Suriname: “Shareholders consider closing Stardust Hotel”

PARAMARIBO – It is not excluded that the Stardust Hotel (Riverclub) in Leonsberg will close very soon. The service has been low for some time now. De Ware Tijd learns from a well-imported source that the decision to stop the business activities was taken at a shareholders’ meeting at the beginning of this year.

Then it was decided to close the hotel with all accessories such as discotheque, rooms (for short and long stay), restaurant, bar and swimming pool. However, the possibility is kept open to rent out or sell the company. The hotel stands on 12,943 hectares along the Anton Dragtenweg and is part of the Hotel-Motel Exploitatiemaatschappij Riverclub, which has been in existence for over fifty years and has nine shareholders.

If it is decided to rent or sell with a restart as a point of view, the 30 employees probably do not have to fear their jobs. They are currently in uncertainty. The uncertainty among employees about the future of the company is getting bigger every day. “We do not know where we stand”, is one of the reactions.

The source says that the hotel has suffered more than one million Surinam dollar loss in the last four years. This is also in a letter containing the decision of the shareholders that the newspaper has. Due to financial problems, wages can not be paid on time. It is understood that the shareholders are looking for a solution to pay the debts after all. Although there have been two directors in the past period, some positive results have not materialized.



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