Belize: “1 year old baby shot in the foot”

Gregory Mena, a 1 year-old baby, continues to recover at the KHMH, after getting shot at his Belize City home during the street assassination  of 32 year-old Jermaine Alexander Carr, the father of his older sister. His family, which includes women, and other innocent children, could have been injured in that frightening attack.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday February 28, at the yard located at #96 Neal Penn Road in Belize City. That’s where an extended family lives together in 3 separate houses in the same yard. The family told the press that Jermaine Carr was there to visit his 12 year-old daughter, like he always did, every night after work. They say that both father and daughter looked forward to these nightly visits when they would socialize and enjoy each other’s company. Carr was outside the front door of the first house in the yard, and he and his daughter were getting ready to play a few games of dominoes. Another family member was inside the house retrieving the pieces for the game, and in that time, Carr was on his cellular phone, while his daughter was talking to him.

From the family’s perspective, a gunman barged into their yard from one of the entrances, and opened fire on a friend who stopped by to speak to one of the adults. That immediately sent everybody in a panic to try to get to cover, and the family says that another gunman came into the yard from another gate, and he immediately took aim at Carr. That assailant shot him multiple times to the head and body, and he collapsed in the yard right where he was standing. Unfortunately, that’s where he passed away, and his 12 year-old daughter saw the entire incident unfold right in front of her. She reportedly ran away scared when the shooter started firing at her dad.

The family says that the first shooter walked to the front door, and fired a single shot inside the house. Baby Gregory, who is too young to understand what was happening, was at the front door dancing. His adult family members had music on for him, which they say he enjoys. Apparently, the gunman saw the innocent child at the front door, and did not hesitate to open fire. That bullet hit his right foot, injuring 3 of his toes, including the big toe. 3 women were sitting in a couch that faces the front door, and one of them was holding a 2-week-old new-born baby. That bullet which injured little Gregory, ricocheted and went flying at his aunt and the new-born. Fortunately, she hunched over to protect the infant in her arms, and the bullet just grazed her on the left side of her jaw. Had she not reacted, it is likely that she would have been injured in the head.

After that, according to the family, the shooters escaped. There is a discrepancy between the police account and the family’s version. They say that it was 2 shooters, while police say that one gunman did all of this.

Jermaine Carr’s life was cut short, and Baby Gregory had to be rushed to the KHMH for emergency medical treatment.



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