I shall never apologize for loving and looking out for my people (Black people) in Belize and the African diaspora. Based on everything that I have studied regarding Belize Black people, I have no doubt that the ultimate strategy is the permanent black depopulation of the nation. This narrative is critical from my vantage view in explaining the traction and regional/global credibility the Guatemalan oligarchy has gained regarding its claim to Belize. I further have absolutely no doubt that if Belize eventually submits its territorial integrity under the ICJ, Belize’s borders will be permanently altered. Guatemala rightly is submitting a claim to all of Belize which is a brilliant legal strategy, leaving room for territorial capitulation on Belize part.

Despite denial, race from a historical and contemporary standpoint plays an unspoken role in Guatemala’s claim upon Belize. To shift the claim to purely legal bantering essentially limits the direct evolvement of the ordinary Belizean citizens both at home and abroad. Neither the UDP nor PUP, who have monopolized Belizean political leadership, are fully responsible for pushing the nation sovereignty’s to the brink. Fatal decisions have been made over the last half century regarding faulty national development. Zero reeducation and collusion with foreign interests are at the root of many of the nation’s current problems.

One of the ironical things to occur in Belize regarding population shift was the acceptance of thousands of civil war refugees from a Central American country that has a history of Black exclusion – El Salvador. Second to this is the thousands of Guatemalans who have been accepted and used for votes by the local hirelings who have ruled Belize for the past half century. Since the Haitian revolution in 1804 and the New Jewel Movement led by Maurice Bishop in 1979, Black people in our region have been on the losing end. Manley tried in Jamaica and Fidel’s Cuba remains under an evil economic and political embargo.

It is difficult to be optimistic regarding Belize’s precarious situation. The stats don’t lie: our lands and islands are just about gone and the dwindling Black population remains under constant attack via social engineering that most of us can’t even comprehend. The paid Belizean agents are everywhere and have infiltrated every institution in Belize. As the pioneers of the Belize diaspora die off, the younger generations are less likely to sacrifice for a people and nation that “seems” determined on total self-destruction.


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