Bahamas: “Power Crisis Frustrates Residents and Guests”

In the wake of extensive power outages were extensive impacts to businesses across the island, including the island’s number one industry, leaving business owners and residents concerned for the upcoming ‘busy season.’

On Friday, February 17 a pump for the cooling system at Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) Wilson City Power Station failed, and without a backup available plunged the island into days of load shedding.

Following an initial repair and restoration of power early Tuesday, February 20, there was another power failure Friday, February 23, which was restored by early Saturday morning causing an already weary people additional frustration.

Rental and Resorts on Elbow Cay tried to move visitors around to any place that had a backup generator, while trying to update guests about the power schedule.

Don Cash of Elbow Cay Properties said that the property management company was running close to full. “Of all the properties about half have a generator,” he said. “Many are threatening to leave.”

He noted that in the midst of the power crisis the island also experienced a shortage of diesel, causing further stress on managers and guests.

Another property management company noted that they “had to refund hundreds of dollars to unhappy guests, we are hearing complaints that they may not return. We no longer have any additional properties to move anyone to, and people are getting very upset.”



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