Dominica: “Mas Domnik winners”

The Dominica Festivals Committee has announced the awardees for Mas Domnik 2018. Samantha Letang, Marketing Executive at Discover Dominica Authority said, ” From the participation of the various ole mas bands, t-shirts bands, groups, costume bands, children bands and especially the spectators (this) proves that our traditions , our culture will continue to stand strong ….. this is what makes Dominica’s Carnival the most unique, the most spontaneous.”

Awards were sponsored by EZ Barrel and Alliance Francaise de la Dominique. Awardees were:

Most creative Jou Ouvé Group – Chou Poul

Largest La Po Kabwit Band – Police La Po Kabwit

Longest La Po Kabwit Band – Newtown La Po Kabwit

Largest Jou Ouvé Group – Lumination by Signal Band

Most Creative Individual Male – Dorian Carbon (Going in the shower)

Most Creative Individual Female – Yvette Bannis (Maria Tarpaulin)

Most Creative Traditional Group – Bacchanal Women

Most Creative T-Shirt Band – Klubird

Most Creative School Band – Grand Fond Primary School

Most Creative Costume Band – Thunderbirds



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