Belize: “Two drug planes in two days”

Police in Northern Belize are doing the best they can to investigate why 2 separate planes were illegally landed in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. Both planes were destroyed by fire, and in both instances, nothing was found in the area, apart from the remains of the two aircraft. As with this type of clandestine activity, there is speculation that these planes were most likely carrying drugs, or some other type of highly valuable, but illegal, cargo.

Assistant Police Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch, spoke on the first aircraft in the bi-weekly police press conference. He told the press that Orange Walk Police received information early on Monday, February 26, 2018, that an aircraft was landed in an area of Orange Walk District between the Hill Bank Area, and Indian Church. The cops responded and they found it partially burnt. Photographs taken of the wreckage have led aviation experts to make an educated guest that this type of aircraft could be a twin turbo prop King Air model. The Police Department is collaborating with the Civil Aviation Department and the BDF to try and find out as much as they can about this aircraft.

Just over 2 hours later, Corozal Police had to dispatch to an area near Santa Cruz Village, in that northernmost district. Superintendent Sinquest Martinez, the commander of that formation told the media that at around 8 p.m. on Monday, February 26, they received information about that plane, and when they arrived at the landing site, they found it burning. That suggests that the occupants had recently vacated the area after the aircraft was destroyed.

Martinez said, “The police have not found anything in the area in respect to that except the burnt aircraft but the lighting apparatus was found.”

When he was questioned about the possibility that it was to offload drug cargo on Belizean soil, Martinez said that he did not want to make any assumptions and is why they are trying to investigate.

Later on in the interview, he suggested that the landing of this aircraft could have “balloon effects” for law enforcement and citizens in the north.


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