Argentina is very excited to explore areas of partnership with this island.

This point was made by new Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Barbados, Gustavo Martinez Pandiani, during a courtesy call to The Barbados Advocate’s offices in Fontabelle yesterday, where he met with Advertising Manager Sandra Clarke and News Editor, Dorian Bryan.

Ambassador Pandiani stressed that this island has a lot to offer to Argentina, and that there are a number of areas where the two nations can partner. One natural area would be in trade, with this island having rum and Argentina being a powerhouse in agricultural production. In the case of the latter, the Ambassador stated that in terms of food security, it is critical that countries have a measure of confidence in food items and pointed out that Barbados still imported a significant amount of produce. Based on Argentina’s agricultural success, he indicated that potential exists for a partnership which could help our local agricultural industry, especially since he highlighted that Barbados is blessed with excellent weather and topography, which makes agriculture ideal.

The Ambassador also noted that this island has a sporting legacy which was of interest to his country. In terms of cricket, he explained that they were exploring the possibility of cricket coaches going to his country to advance the sport, which continues to grow. He stated that linkages could be made in football and polo as well.



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