Belize: “Rapper Shyne’s Father, the Prime Minister of Belize caught in scandal”

Characterizing the Barrow-Faber administration as “a sinking ship”, PUP party leader and Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño, at a press conference this afternoon, laid out a raft of concerns such as the shooting death of a 12-year-old, the criminal conduct of the security forces which resulted in two deaths in recent days, and the Government of Belize’s poor fiscal performance and its consequential effect on Belize’s social and political economy.

The PUP leader opened his remarks by saying that the nation was being beset by a number of troubling trends and expressed being very perturbed by the beating death of Orange Walk resident Arial Salazar, allegedly at the hands of the Belize Special Assignment Group.

He said he was further disturbed to have just learned that another person had allegedly been killed in Dangriga last night, again at the hands of the police.

For Hon. Briceño, the troubling issues did not stop there. He expressed his dismay at a leaked memo from Financial Secretary Joseph Waight demanding that the CEOs of various ministries stop “trolling” the various government accounts for money because while there may be money on paper, no money no deh, he said emphatically.

Briceno said the memo and the affair confirmed what they had suspected all along, that Belize’s public debt had soared to 100% of GDP.


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