All that makes this island a unique destination is just a click away with The MyBarbados Mobile App.

The new destination guide initiated by the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Word of this comes from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BTPA, Dr Kerry Hall, during the official launch held at Regus Business Complex, on Monday night.

“This was a labour of love. It was a long tedious process and also a complex process getting this App to market, which required conducting a whole lot of research to create the content for the App; sourcing the visual presentations, developing the right design, functionalities, logistics to ensure that this App is as user-friendly as possible.”

The App allows users to create itineraries, search and rate places of interest, as well as identify key places of interest close to their location using GPS tracking.

Several categories on the App highlight the unique features of Barbados; authentic experiences, culinary delights, events on island, and things to do including categories on adventure, beaches, tours and trails, museums, art galleries and voluntourism.

“Our research identified several gaps in the system to be filled, so we decided to create this App to directly reach the consumer and increase their awareness of the plethora of things to do on island which may be unknown, and to constantly reinvent and refresh the Barbados product. Last but not least we sought to create an opportunity to increase visitor spend on the island by highlighting local products and services to visitors and locals alike,” she said.

The CEO is assuring users that the App will be constantly updated to provide relevant and exciting guides to an authentic Barbadian experience.

“We will remain on top of what is happening on the island, whether it be an exciting tour, a farm to table experience, someone creating beautiful products to be sold as souvenirs or any other new activities, which will help us showcase a full Barbados experience,” Dr. Hall stressed.



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