Antigua: “Election writ to be issued today”

Parliament was dissolved yesterday based on the instruction of Prime Minister Gaston Browne who told the public on Saturday that this was to be done in preparation for general elections next month. And today, the Writ for Elections is to be issued.

Browne confirmed to OBSERVER media yesterday, “Yes, parliament was dissolved, the notice has been sent to the clerk of the parliament notifying her.”

The clerk, Ramona Small, confirmed receipt of the document and said that it was immediately sent off to the printers.

Since PM Browne made the announcement regarding elections, residents have been asking who will be managing the affairs of the country between the date of dissolution and elections on March 21.

Attorney Dr. David Dorsett provided an explanation yesterday in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media.

“Parliament is dissolved means that the members of the legislature, the members of parliament cannot now go to parliament hall or to parliament building and say they are holding any sessions, to pass any laws or pass any resolutions, that is no longer on the cards…the house of parliament, as a matter of law, no longer exists,” he said.

Dr. Dorsett said that parliament can only be reconvened in exceptional circumstances. He said that right now, even though parliament is no longer functional, the ministers still have to govern the country’s executive affairs.



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