Jamaica: “Portland Couple Sue Scotiabank For Fraud And Negligence”

The dream of owning a house is a precious aspiration for many Jamaicans, but it is a dream for one Portland couple that has turned nightmarish, as the supposed house they thought they had bought is still occupied, leaving them with only a section of farmland to show for their troubles.

Now they are blaming one of Jamaica’s largest commercial banks, Scotiabank Jamaica, for their plight.

Christopher and Diana Logan explained that they responded to a series of published adverts about an incomplete two-storey house located in Windsor Forest, Portland, that was up for sale.

Having made initial checks, they subsequently contacted a representative from Scotiabank Jamaica, who initiated steps to draft up a sales agreement for the house, comprising five bedrooms, and situated on 7.95 acres of land and valued at $10.5 million.

“That was the beginning of this nightmare that has left us practically homeless, hopeless, and almost destitute,” said Mrs Logan.

The Logans are now seeking special damages against Scotiabank to the tune of $34.25 million, to include legal fees, loss of National Housing Trust (NHT) benefits, and interest paid to NHT (eight months), as well as the loss of equity on the advertised property.

Scotiabank, however, is only willing to pay them the value of the house, an amount that was flatly rejected as “disrespectful” by the Logans.



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