Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Barbados, Yan Xiusheng is pleased with the public’s response to the Fish and Dragon Festival.

This year was the first occasion that the annual Festival, which marked its fourth anniversary, was held at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. It was also the inaugural time that Ambassador Yan has attended.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate during last Saturday’s event, he said it was important to the Chinese Embassy “to display Chinese culture to the Barbadian people to let Barbadians know more and more about China.”

“I am glad to see that there are so many people came to the Fish and Dragon Festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. [I am] very happy to see that, it represents the friendship between China and Barbados. The friendship has deepened, the people to people exchange is getting more and more frequent and they have come here to experience the Chinese culture; paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese food and groups from China.”

The Fish and Dragon Festival ran from 4 pm to 8 pm. During the proceedings, patrons had the opportunity to purchase Chinese and local cuisine. There were also booths where individuals could purchase locally made craft and jewellery in addition to trying on traditional Chinese outfits and playing Chinese instruments. Persons at other booths had their health checks done, sampled tea, received massages and purchased Chinese knick-knacks.



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