Dominican Republic: “Reporters give Dominican Republic a failing grade on press freedom”

Santo Domingo.- The international watchdog group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in its latest reports gives a failing grade to the Dominican Republic on freedom of the press.

It ranked the Caribbean nation 59th in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index, improving by three points above the 62nd spot in 2016.

The RSF places the country at -1.14 on its “Global Score,”  a slight decline from 2016

“The concentration of media ownership in very few hands and a high level of impunity undermines freedom of information and encourage self-censorship in the Dominican Republic,” the watchdog says in the section ‘Self-censorship as a solution.

“Journalists who dare to tackle sensitive subjects such as corruption and drug trafficking are exposed to the possibility of threats and violent reprisals, or even murder by government officials or criminal cartel members,” the RSF says.

It calls the repeal in 2016 of legislation under which journalists could be imprisoned for defamation, “a major step forward for the media and democracy.”


“(Report by) Reporters Without Borders, published by Reuters, indicates that press freedom in Haiti in better than in the Dominican Republic.



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