Dominica: “200 Yachties welcomed for Yachtie Appreciation Week”

The Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS) is holding the third Yachtie Appreciation Week from February 18 to 24, 2018. Yachtie Appreciation Week is geared at increasing the yachters experience whilst generating revenue for the industry.

The week’s activity includes a welcome party at the Purple Turtle Beach, tours to the island’s sites and attractions, laying of moorings and a closing ceremony at Fort Shirley. Dominica expects to welcome two hundred (200) yachties to this event.

Approximately 30 moorings will be placed at the Purple Turtle Beach.

PAYS is a non-profit organization aimed at providing yacht services and security to visiting yachts, thereby assuring future development of the yachting industry in Dominica.

The first Yachtie Appreciation Week was held in celebration of the installation of a new mooring field in February of 2016. Mr. Hank Schiff of Offshore Passage Opportunities has shown a keen interest in the development of the yachting sector and is the main advocate for hosting this event.

The yachting industry has contributed immensely to the livelihood of many families in the northern part of the island among other locations.



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