Trinidad & Tobago: “Prisoners reap ganja, phones, cigarettes and cash”

PRISONERS reaped a harvest of marijuana, cigarettes, cash, cell phones, chargers and other electronic devices buried in a garden inside the Maximum Security Prison over the past seven days.

It remained unclear if the prohibited items were smuggled into the prison and if there was involvement by prison officers and prisoners.

However, Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson is working on information that the items may have found their way onto the compound through the use of drones. According to reports, a prisoner working in the garden informed a senior officer about the illegal items hidden in pig tail buckets and buried.

It was alleged yesterday that a carton of cigarette normally retails for $250. However, the price within the prison is $4,500 while a pound of marijuana is sold at $80,000 inside the prison. A source also revealed that a cell phone, commonly referred to as a “me too” can fetch between $2,000 and $2,500.


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