St. Lucia: “Minister Denounces Explicit Video Promoting Student Fete”

Minister Denounces Explicit Video Promoting Student Fete

Press Release:–  Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Honourable Hermangild Francis has expressed profound concern regarding the promotion of lewd behavior and explicit content in advertisements for social events.

This expression of concern also comes against the back- drop of a promotional video which appears to involve the promotion of an event for college students dubbed “Tsunami Lawn Party” which has been heavily circulated on social media.

The Minister says it is particularly disturbing that this crude video seems to feature students of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

“This type of conduct is extremely concerning and one that needs to be denounced by all key sectors. These young people are seen as the future leaders of the country.  I know that the community regards them highly as very intelligent, talented, young people with bright futures ahead of them; so you can imagine the disappointment to see this type of material is being promoted by some of the students”.

Minister Francis says the promotion of lewd behavior will not be tolerated. “There is legislation to address this. There are also requirements to be met as regards the holding of Mass Crowd Events and the Police handle that aspect. However, I do know that the senior police officers who are charged with granting approvals for such events are very insistent that certain standards are met.”


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