Jamaica: “Jamaican student sends school shooting voice note”

The police today questioned the Wolmer’s Boys School student who sent a voice message to a teacher threatening to carry out a shooting at the institution.

The Ministry of Education says the 17-year-old was questioned along with his parents by detectives from the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime (CTOC), led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey.

The ministry says other students are being questioned in relation to the case.

The student reportedly indicated to the police that he attempted to commit suicide twice.

A relative who was interviewed reportedly stated that the teen was found reading a book with the numbers 666 on the cover, which is the number of the devil, according to revelations in the Bible.

The relative reportedly destroyed the book.

The education ministry says it is assisting the police in conducting a psychological assessment of the student.

The ministry says following today’s preliminary discussions held with schools administrators, a follow-up meeting is scheduled for tomorrow where they will discuss the general safety and security of the school, risks, threats, and areas that may need strengthening.


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