Dominican Republic: “Group proposes a Dominican Republic- Haiti railway “

Santo Domingo.- The Regional Development Council (CRD) on Mon. proposed to president Danilo Medina several development infrastructure across the country, especially what could be described as the “trans-Hispaniola railway.”

The two-nation railroad would cross the northeast, passing through the ports of Haina, Caucedo, and Cibao region including Puerto Plata, and enter Haiti, “resulting in great benefits for the country’s trade,” said Iscrates Peña, director of the CRD, which groups several organizations of the central area.

They also proposed the construction of a national northeast railroad in the Dominican Republic, to link the northeast and north, which would use the rail routes of the old railways which operated in the Cibao and the southern region of the country.

The CRD also proposed the construction of a multi-purpose airfield, to be built in the northeast city of San Francisco, for use by the productive sectors of Duarte, Mirabal and Sánchez Ramírez provinces.

The commission that met with Medina, affirmed that its proposals have the required socio-economic, and feasibility studies and would guarantee the return on investment.


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