Grenada: Dezy—X Is The New Power Soca King

Dezy—X Is The New Power Soca King

With energy and a fast pace, Dezy-X (Ezron Stafford) was awesomely brilliant in shaking off all his competitors to capture his first ever power soca crown.

The young man who recently began competing was simply super in his delivery of — Race to Fete—in capturing the title with 264 points.

He was extremely creative in his presentation as he arrived in a vehicle dressed as a racecar driver, using the colors red and white. To add body and meaning to his presentation he had two young ladies with the checkered flag, giving the impression that the show was being held at a Formula One event. On stage his props were ladies dressed in formula one outfits as two motorcycles appeared, revving their motors to further illustrate his portrayal. The message of his song was for people to speed up their engines when approaching haters, the wicked, jealous and bad-minded people.

He dethroned Slatta (Gerard John) who had to settle for the first runner up position with 257 points. His deliverer of the powerful song –Smack Down—simply wasn’t good enough to stop Dezy-X.

Slatta arrived in a coffin on a truck, which was filled with dirt to give the large crowd the impression that they were mourners at a cemetery. After two men used shovels to unearth the coffin, it was put in an upright position and a fire lit at the front. This led to the coffin opening and the artiste stepped out dressed all in black. He then made his way to the stage. However at the back end of his presentation, which had the crowd jumping, the power supply at the venue went out leading to an abrupt end to his performance, which did not go down well with the crowd.  Later the Master of Ceremony reported that the artiste said he was satisfied with what he had already done on stage.


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