Belize: “Killer bees attack and kills”

Killer bees had better not attack you on the weekends, because the Dept. of Agriculture “doesn’t work on weekends”

Kevin Sanchez, a resident of Mex Avenue, and his family lived in their house with fear for four days, believing that kiiler bees would swarm and attack them after the bees, which were nesting in their yard, swarmed and stung his father and their three dogs.

The father escaped into the house, while the three dogs, which were tied at the time, died shortly after they were attacked.

The incident occurred at about 10:00 Saturday morning, but the bees remained in the family’s yard until 11:00 this morning, Wednesday, when officials from the Agriculture Department went to the home and took away the hive and the bees.

On our visit to the house today, we saw that most of the bees were gone. A few remained, but they are expected to go away soon.

Sanchez told us that on Saturday morning while his father was cleaning the yard, the bees swarmed and attacked him and the dogs. They did not know that the bees were in the yard near the bushes, and it was probably the sound of the lawn mower that agitated them.



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