Grenada: Defense Lawyer to Appeal 63 Year-Old-Man’s Life Sentence

Defense Lawyer to Appeal 63 Year-Old-Man’s Life Sentence

One week after a high court judge handed down a life sentence to a sixty-three-year-old man from the village of De Blandeau in St Andrews, on a charge of non-capital murder, his defence lawyer says they are prepared to fight the sentence before the Court of Appeal.

Addressing members of the media during an exclusive interview on Tuesday, defence lawyer Anselm Clouden said it is clear based on the evidence emanating from the case, that the length of the sentence handed down by the high court judge was way too high.

According to Clouden, this was not a case of malice or premeditated action on the part of the accused man. According to him, both individuals were drinking, there was an argument that resulted in an altercation, a scuffle ensued, both men got injured and one died. Therefore to administer such a sentence is rather harsh.

Clouden said his team has already commenced the process and they would be appealing both the conviction and the sentence. Among the grounds for filing the appeal he said would be the failure on the part of the trial judge to issue clear directives to the jury on the issues of self-defence, the length of the sentence, including the fact that the age of the defendant was not taken into consideration.

Alexis was found guilty by unanimous verdict, by a twelve-member jury panel for causing the death of fellow villager Alson Henry. The incident dated back to May 2015. According to the evidence coming from the court at the time, Henry died from an injury to his stomach.


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