Jamaica: Neighbour’s suffers head injury because of panty water

A mother will have to stand the cost in a court matter against her son, whom she reportedly urged to retaliate an defend himself after she insisted that ‘drawers’ water was thrown on him.

Shaquiel Delliser pleaded guilty yesterday in the Kingston and St. Andrew parish court to assault after he threw a stone at a woman, causing a wound which bled. Delliser accused the woman of throwing the water on him.

The court heard that the accused was at the complainant’s gate gambling and using expletives.

She told the court: “Mi come out and ask dem fi excuse and then me start wet up the place. Some of the water catch him and me wipe it off and tell him sorry. His mother come out and say, ‘ya idiot mek gyal throw drawers water on yuh’.”

The court was told that was transpired next caught the complainant by surprise.

“After mi done, mi go back on mi veranda and him come deh a di grille and throw the stone and buss mi head. Mi get four stitches and do xray and dem thing deh,” the complainant told the court.


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