Grenada: 21 Years in prison after pleading guilty to the death of a Canadian lecturer

21 Years in prison after pleading guilty to the death of a Canadian lecturer

A twenty-eight-year-old St George’s resident is expected to spend the next twenty-one years and eight months behind prison bars, after accepting a plea bargain of manslaughter for his role in the 2015 accidental death of a Canadian Lecturer, whose body was un-ceremonially disposed of in the bushes close to the Gulf Coast area in the south of the island.

Akim Frank a former member of the dismantled Bloods Gang, had sentence handed down on him last Thursday by High Court Judge Paula Gilford at the number 2 Supreme Court in St George’s; him having accepted full responsibility for the death of the Canadian Lecturer, Linnea Veinotte.

Veinotte’s body was found in an advanced decomposed state five days after she went missing, having left her home on the morning of December 23rd, 2015 for her usual Sunday morning exercise with her dog but never returned.

According to information coming from the court, the police was led to the body by Frank himself, who later revealed to the lawmen that he had accidentally struck both Veinotte and her dog. He first decided to rush the victim to the hospital, however, while en route to the General Hospital, he realized that the lady had died, and therefore changed his mind and decided to dump the body in the bushes to conceal the crime.


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